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Generatormart item: 200808202043266928, General Electric (GE) LM2500 parts, Generator
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? kW
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? hours
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50 or 60 HZ
Price: ?, kW: ?, HZ: 50 or 60, hours since new or rebuild: ?, Type: - -, manufactured by: General Electric (GE), model: General Electric (GE) LM2500 parts, power generator: - power, manufactured in the year: ????, additional information 7:

Part Number	Description	Condition	Quantity	Price	Alternate

9204M88P02      200SPACER CHANNEL       NS      295
9062M51G10      24/7 HSG.ASSY-SUMP      RP      2
J423P045A       BOLT    NS      340
9699M63P02      SHAFT   NS      1
9699M50P04      GEAR    NS      2
9696M24P37      RING    NS      21
9685M25P02      NUT     NS      330
9346M87P01      PLUG    NS      14
9311M54P05      WASHER  NS      1175
9303M32P01      PLUG    NS      32
9295M78G02      MOUNT   NS      3               1846M39G01
9210M17G01      MANIFOLD        NS      7
9207M53P21      SPACER  NS      200
9206M61P16      SPACER  NS      397
9206M61P13      SPACER  NS      25
9206M59P22      SPACER  NS      140
9204M89P02      SPACER RETAINER NS      30
9204M67G02      STIFFENR        NS      16
9202M89P17      BEARING NS      366
9198M78G04      NOZZ-2  SV      1
9198M78G03      NOZZLE, 2ND LPT OH      30
9186M60G01      STAGE 1 NOZZLE  OH      1
9182M90G01      SEAL ASSY       NS      1
9182M61G02      S1-RING OH      2
9182M48G03      NOZZLE  NS      2
9175M55G01      BRACKET NS      9
9174M79P03      TUBE    NS      102
9174M38P02      DOUBLE  NS      19
9174M38P01      DOUBLER NS      64
9172M51P03      HOSE INL FWD OIL        NS      1
9155M41P01      RETAINER        OH      14
9153M35G05      SEAL    NS      9
9150M49G03      MANIFOLD        OH      1
9147M30P01      TMF AFT I FLANGE        NS      7
9143M59P02      CAP-ST  NS      2
9143M57G01      CAP     NS      2
9143M55G03      CAP-TM  NS      1
9143M42P03      INSERT  NS      52
9143M41P04      RING    NS      95
9143M41P03      RING    NS      90
9143M17G02      ADAPTER NS      2
9142M75P01      BEARING NS      126
9142M74P01      ROD     NS      97
9142M71P01      CLEVIS  NS      51
9142M16G06      BRACKET NS      43
9142M16G05      BRACKET NS      53
9141M97G02      MANIFOLD        SV      1
9141M95G03      MANIFOLD        SV      2
9141M95G03      MANIFOLD        OH      1
9138M21G01      SHAFT OUTER SEAL        NS      1
9137M20G01      STAGE1 SOLID SHROUD     NS      223
9137M20G01      STAGE1 SOLID SHROUD     AR      2
9129M44G01      BRACKE  NS      39
9129M39P001A    PLATE   NS      414
9128M93G22      REAR SHAFT      OH      1
9128M81G03      AFT SHAFT HPT   OH      1
9128M78G04      P/B SEAL        OH      1
9128M40G06      HUB     NS      1
9127M40P02      SLEEVE  NS      176
9127M27P01      SEAL    OH      2
9119M33P01      RING    NS      3
9118M99G03      BRACKET NS      5
9104M35G01      BRACKET NS      249
9103M65G01      TUBE    NS      47
9083M81G03      SHIELD BRG 6 HE NS      4
9082M48P03      DOUBLER NS      10
9080M96G02      ACT. BRK        OH      2
9080M38G02      NOZ SUP OH      1
9079M71G06      OUTER FAN CASE  SV      1
9079M61G03      RING    SV      4
9079M61G03      RING    OH      2
9076M87P01      GUIDE   NS      26
9076M24G03      COVER   NS      3
9076M23G06      GUIDE   NS      2
9070M35G03      TUBE ASSY       SV      27
9070M35G03      TUBE ASSY       OH      17
9069M57G03      BRACKET,LPT-TUBE        NS      10
9069M55G02      BRACKET OH      1
9068M70G01      TUBE    NS      16
9067M76G01      MANIFOLD        OH      2
9067M76G01      MANIFOLD        NS      3
9066M67G02      MANIFOLD        NS      31
9066M35P05      BRACKET - TURB.REVERSER AC      NS      35
9065M66G04      HOUSING OH      1
9065M66G03      HOUSING OH      1
9065M62G06      HOUSIN  OH      1
9064M96P19      VANE    NS      7
9064M96P18      FAN VANE 3 BORESCOPE    NS      6
9064M95P06      S-2  VANE FAN   SV      42
9064M95P06      S-2  VANE FAN   OH      112
9064M84P04      S-4 VANE FAN    OH      100
9064M67P19      BLD S-3 FAN     NS      18
9064M67P17      BLD S-3 FAN     OH      86
9064M67P17      BLD S-3 FAN     NS      179
9062M73G05      TUBE    AR      2
9061M26P22      AFT SHAFT LPT   OH      2
9061M26P22      AFT SHAFT LPT   NS      1
9053M53G03      MANIFOLD        NS      6
9053M14G03      OIL-MANIFOLD-GRB        NS      18
9051M96G02      SEAL    SV      3
9051M29G06      LINER FAN FR    OH      1
9051M29G05      LINER   OH      3
9051M27G10      PANEL   OH      1
9051M26G05      LINER ASSY.     OH      1
9049M63G13      SEGMENT AFT FC  RP      14
9049M61G07      SEGMENT OH      1
9048M71G02      LINER   OH      1
9048M63P29      S-4 BLD FAN     SV      38
9048M63P29      S-4 BLD FAN     OH      137
9048M61P25      S-2 BLD FAN     OH      97
9047M93P02      BRACKE  NS      9
9046M94P03      BEARING AIR/OIL SEAL    SV      4
9046M82P02      #6 BEARING STATIONARY AIR/OI    SV      1
9046M82P02      #6 BEARING STATIONARY AIR/OI    OH      1
9046M77G05      SHIELD  NS      125
9046M41G07      OIL SLINGER     NS      8
9046M16G01      LPTR Pressure Balance Seal      OH      2
9045M94G45      S-1 NOZ HPT     OH      1
9045M23G12      I/S SEAL HPT    NS      9
9044M35G08      S-3 SHRD LPT    SV      20
9044M34P08      LPT VANE 4      OH      34
9044M34P08      LPT VANE 4      NS      30
9044M34P06      NOZZLE  OH      293
9044M34P03      NOZZLE LPT4     OH      40
9044M33P06      NOZZLE  SV      2
9044M33P06      NOZZLE  OH      167
9044M33P03      NOZZLE VANE     OH      69
9044M26P03      STAGE 2 - LPT AIR SEAL  OH      1
9044M23P06      S-3 BLD LPT     OH      132
9043M79G02      TUBE    OH      2
9043M79G02      TUBE    NS      24
9043M55G03      TUBE    SV      1
9043M55G03      TUBE    OH      2
9043M46G01      ELBOW   NS      42
9043M44G03      MANIFOLD        NS      1
9043M25G02      MANIFOLD        NS      15
9042M57G02      TUBE    NS      81
9039M34P02      BRACKET NS      79
9035M67G02      BUMPER  OH      1
9033M76P02      NUT COUPLINS    NS      432
9032M48P04      CLAMP   OH      5
9032M48P04      CLAMP   NS      3
9031M56P01      DOUBLER NS      23
9022M58P04      CAP     NS      81
9012M77P02      BUSHING NS      444
9012M58G07      DOOR // VALVE   OH      5
9005M66G02      MANIFOLD        NS      9
7041M57G01      RING    NS      2
696D785G01      TUBE ASY        NS      24
5038M15P02      BUSHING NS      20
3112M11P001A    SHIM    NS      39
3049M51P02      RETAINER        NS      235
3043M63P01      BRACKET NS      60
3042M38G02      COWL    NS      3
3042M32P02      SEAL    NS      35
3041M92P01      RING    NS      3
3040M30P02      SHROUD  NS      184
1782M68P01      ROTOR   NS      5
1756M67G01      BRACKET (DE USO EN MOTORE       NS      55
1697M17P01      FAIRING NS      49
1697M16P01      FAIRING NS      61
1643M12P05      TUBE    NS      73
1555M17G01      BRACKETSTG 14 BLEED     NS      997
1554M56G01      BRACKET NS      205
1539M31G04      LINER   NS      1
1539M31G02      LINER   NS      8
1380M80P01      SPACER 0.177    NS      364
1379M24P003A    BRACKET NS      8
1375M75P01      BOLT    NS      15
1320M91G07      BRACKET NS      160
1320M62G01      BRACKET NS      14
1320M17P001A    BRACKET NS      14
1314M26P01      RING    NS      13
1306M10G01      MANIFOLD        NS      31
1101M78G01      TUBE    NS      48
1098M37G01      BRACKET NS      17

, Generatormart item name: 200808202043266928.
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