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Generatormart item: 200810022041077729, GEC-ALSTOM Frame 6B / PG65415 B, Generator
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31640 kW
9070 hours
US$ 6,180,000
60 HZ
Price: US$ 6,180,000, kW: 31640, HZ: 60, hours since new or rebuild: 9070, Type: Gas turbine, Fuel: Diesel, manufactured by: GEC-ALSTOM, model: GEC-ALSTOM Frame 6B / PG65415 B, power generator: Prime power, RPM: 3600, manufactured in the year: 1991, condition: Used, additional information 7:

Available as of:  Thu Oct  2 14:14:51 MDT 2008.

Click:  View specification sheet, to see colors in PDF spec sheet.


1 x Unit Type PG6541B, Land Based
Gas Turbine Power Plant

Fuel					:	DISILLATE
Date					:	1991
Total Hours				:	9,070
Total Starts				:	540


1.Gas Turbine - One (1) lot, consisting of mainly of compressor and turbine mounted on a common base
plate with four (4)  modules  and  combined in one horizontally split casing.	 
		Manufacturer 	:	GEC-ALSTOM
		Type / Model	:	PG65415 B	
		Rated Output	:	31,640 KW
		No. of Turbine Stages :	3 stages
		No. of Comp. Stages  :	17 stages
		Turbine Speed	:	5133 rpm
		complete with the following:

a)Diesel Engine Starting Device -
				Manufacturer	:	Detroit Allison 
				Type		:	12 V
				Rating		:	522 KW
				Speed		:	2300 rpm
			b)   Low Pressure Atomizing Air System 		
			c)   On-Base Fuel System
			d)   On-Base Lubrication System
                                            e)   Cooling Water System
                                            f)   Standard Auxiliary Gear
                                            g)   On-Base Heating and Ventilation
                                            h)   Fire Detection and Protection System
                                            j)   Compressed Air System  
                                            k)  Gas Turbine Inlet Air Ducting & Silencing Equipment    
		 	 l )  Vertical Exhaust Ducting & Silencing Equipment     	    		   


1.Generator - One (1) lot, synchronous generator block-coupled to the turbine block by a  reduction gear and said generator is wye grounded, air cooled,  etc..
		Manufacturer 		:	GEC-ALSTOM
		Type 	l		:	Air-Cooled
		Rated Voltage		:	13.8 KV
		Rated Current 		:	1615 A 
		No. of Poles 		:	2 poles
		No. of Phase		:	3 phase
		Frequency		:	60 Hz
		Rated Power Factor	:	0.80 / 0.90 (Base / Peak)
		complete with the following:

a)Load gear Box -
	type	            :		TRL 65vx
	KW Rating        :     	54,000 KW
	Capacity            :	               750 li / min
	Pressure Rating :                1.6 BAR
b)Synchronous Generator - 
	Manufacturer		:	GEC-ALSTOM	
				Type 			:	Brushless
				KW Rating		:	103 KW
			     @ 	No-Load 100% Generator:
					Voltage		:	  96 V (DC)	
					Current		:	194 A (DC)
			     @	Rated Load of Generator:
					Rated Voltage	:	204 V (DC)
					Rated Current      :	  40 A (DC)

1.Generator Turbine Control Cab - One (1) lot, consisting of the following panels and Associated equipment:
a)Speedtronic Mark II and Turbine Control Panel  
b)Generator Control Panel including Metering and Protection System
c) 480 V AC and 125 V DC Motor Control Center with Changeover Circuit Breaker
d)125 V DC Battery and Battery Charger
e)Excitation System & Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)  & Power System Stabilizer (PSS)	
2.Medium Voltage Control Cubicle - One (1 lot, consisting of generator circuit breaker and tie-off  connection for the site auxiliary transformer.
3.Indoor Low Voltage station Load Center - One (1) lot consisting of the following: 
a)Site Auxiliary Transformer, 400KVA, 13.8 KV/480 V,  3 phase,  60 Hz,  ?CELDUC?
b)    Distribution Switchboard, 480 V
c)    Sub-Distribution Switchboard, 240 V, for lighting and small power	
4.Remote Control System - One (1) lot consisting of  the following:
a)1 set, Gas Turbine-Generator Control Panel
b)1 set, Indicating and Metering   System for main Transformer
c)1 set, Fire Alarm and Detection System
5)Low  Voltage  and  Control cables - One (1) lot, consists of low power and control cables of various sizes for  the equipment.
6)Measuring System - One (1) lot 
7)34.5 KV High Voltage Equipment - One (1) lot, consisting of Circuit Breakers with BCT, Disconnection Switches, Lightning Arresters, Switch and Bus Support Insulators, Aerial Bus Conductors, Steel Structures and Support for Electrical Equipment, including accessories and appurtenances. 

1.Power   Transformer - One (1) lot, 39,000/45,000 KVA (39/45 MVA) capacity, 34,500/13,800 volts   (34.5/13.8 KV), 60 Hz, 3-phase, OA/FA type, ?TAKAOKA? with complete accessories and appurtenances 
2 .   Auxiliary Transformer - One (1) lot, 400 KVA capacity, 3-phase, 60 Hz 
3.    Power  Cable - One (1)  Lot,   34.5 KV underground  power  cable  of  various   sizes, complete with 
       termination ends, supporting structures and relevant accessories.
4.    Grounding  System - One  (1)  lot  consists  of  standard  copper  cable,  weld  ground rod,  structural 
       support,  equipment  grounding  including interconnection  to  grounding grid  parallel  with  the existing 
       Sucat Thermal  Plant ground network, boxes, fillings and other relevant accessories.
5.    Medium Voltage  Power Cables - One  (1)  lot  of  medium  voltage  cable  connection from metal-clad 
       enclosure  to  compartments,  to  main  transformer and to site auxiliary transformer.
6.    Lightning Protection System - One (1) lot installed between main transformer & oil circuit  breaker. 
7.    Cable Trench - One (1) lot, more or less 270 linear meters and 1 meter width. 

1.Fuel Oil Tank - One (1) lot, two (2) units fixed roof storage tank, 1,000 m? capacity, 13 meters ?, 19 meters height, complete with fuel pipings, valves,  flow meters, floating Suctions, vents, strainers, drains and all other necessary fittings.  (NOT INCLUDED)
2.Fuel Pump - One (1) lot, two (2) sets, consisting of:
		   Manufacturer	:	EBARA	 Corporation	    			
		   Model		:	40 x 25 IFW 1312
		   Capacity	:	20 cu. M / hr.
		   Manufacturer	:	Toshiba	    			
		   Voltage	:	460 volts
		   Rating	:	:             3.7 KW		 	
		   Current	:	5..8 A
		   Frequency	:	60 Hz.
		   Speed	:	:             3440 rpm
		   No. of Poles	:	2 poles

1.Lighting   System - One  (1) lot,   consisting  of  eleven   (11)  lighting  pole  luminaire  (type  H760)  and  two  (2)  lighting   bracket  luminaire   (type H760),  various   types  of  fixtures,  conductors,   auxiliary  compartment  lighting,  spot light,  main  atomizing   air compressors lighting, exciter compartment lighting, etc.
2.     Fuel Unloading Station - One (1) lot,  consisting of  equipment  foundation  of the fuel Pumps,
        pressures gauges, valeves, pipelines, fittings,  etc..	
3.     Water Supply System - One (1) lot, consists of the following: 
	a)   Submersible deep well pump and motor. 200 cu. m.  ground  mounted  water  storage tank 
                     including standard accessories, 6750 mm ?, 6875 mm H, etc..
	b)    0.4 cu. m. potable water pressurized  tank unit (2.0 kg/cm? )  including pressure pump and
                      necessary standard accessories.
d)Water purifier complete with pipelines, vents, drains, valves, fittings, electrical panel  wirings  
       and  other  accessories  for  the  efficient  operation of domestic water supply connection from 
       deep well in no.7 ground mounted storage tank.
e)Oil water separator, complete with pipelines, drains, valves, fittings, etc 
	4.    Communication   System - One (1) lot consists of the following with complete accessories:
		Manufacturer	:    GAI-TRONICS/PANASONIC
		Type		:    2 units - outdoor type,  model no. 256
				:    1unit    - indoor type, model no. 246	
				:    1unit    - desk type, model  no. 12365


	1.    Ventilating and Air-conditioning system - One (1)  lot, consist of the following:		
		a)    Fan Motor (88 BT)  
	Manufacturer		:	GEC-ALSTOM
	Rated Power		:	5.5 KW
	Speed	               	:	3600 rpm
	No. of Phases		:	3
b)   Turbine Control Compartment (TCC) - with tow (2) Carrier Air-conditioning units with the 
       following components:
	1)   One   (1)   External  Unit  (38  VA 024  Type)   composed   of  one  (1)
	      Compressor and one (1) fan with monitoring
2)One (1) Internal Unit (40 Q11 024 Type) with one (1) cold air diffuser. 	
	2.    Fire Protection System - One (1) lot, consists of the following:		
		a)    Foam System for External Fuel Storage Tanks		
			    Manufacturer	       :	     Fukuda Kogyo Co.Ltd.	
			    - Foam Chamber
	    Model      :	     MAF-550V
	    Capacity  :	     550 Lit / min.	 				
- Foam Liquid Tank
	    Capacity  :	     1000 liters
- One (1) Two Way Foam Hydrant
		b)    Fuel Oil Tank Foam Protection System and Water Spray for Cooling the External Surface of the 
                                     - Discharge Rate:  2.0 liters / min per sq m. area
c)    Water Hydrant System
        - 3-Way  Type Water Hydrant
        - Indicator Post with Valve
        - Exterior Equipment Houses	


, Generatormart item name: 200810022041077729.
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