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Generatormart item: 200902241701022018, Allison 501-KH05, Generator
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6350 kW
56800 hours
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50 HZ
Price: ?, kW: 6350, HZ: 50, hours since new or rebuild: 56800, Type: Diesel, Fuel: Diesel, manufactured by: Allison, model: Allison 501-KH05, power generator: Standby power, RPM: 14586, manufactured in the year: ????, condition: Used, additional information 7:

Maker: Allison Gas Turbine generator			
6350kw/501-KH05 Type co-generator			
1. Hour Meter: 56,762hrs			
2. G/T starting number:130 times			
3. Last Overhaul time: 	 April, 2008		
4. After Overhaul time:			
5. Fuel: Natural Gas			
6. Fuel consumption: 0.27kw/m3			
Stopped operation July, 2008			
7. scope of quotation			
our company's scope of quotation is as below 			
(1)gas turbine power plant equipment  			
(1-1)           gas turbine          	maker/model no 	Alison 501-KH05	 1set 
	type	single open cycle 1 shaft type 	
	structure 	compressor arial flow 14 step 	
		turbine arial 4 step	
		natural gas 	
	rated rpm 	14586 rpm 	
	rotation direction 	ccw seen from exhaust side 	
	starting device 	electric driven  	
	governor 	TCSD type digital type	
(1-2)       reduction gear     	type	parallel shaft 1 step gear type 	 1set 
	lubrication type 	forced lubrication 	
	shaft qty 	2 shafts/in sliding bearing	
	reduction rate	9.724(14586/1500rpm)	
	coupling 	 flexible dia flame type 	
(1-3)   generator       	type 	transverse axial rotation field magnet 	 1set 
		three auternationg current synchero-nous generator  	
	cooling type	self ventilation  	
	rated output 	6350 kw	
	rated capacity 	7056 kva (@0℃)	
	power factor 	90%	
	voltage 	3300v	
	insulation	 f type 	
	rpm 	1500rpm	
	frequency 	50hz	
(1-4) lubrication equipment 	line up machinery 		
	main L.O pump 	reduction gear-directly coupled gear pump  	1 set 
	auxiliary L.O pump 	electric driven gear pump	1 set 
	L.O cooler 	plate pump  	1 set 
	L.O filter 	double type	1 set 
	L.O tank 	steel plate welded type 	1 set 
(1) gas turbine generate equipment(continuous) 			
(1-5) starting motor equipment        	starting motor type 	 wound rotor 3phase alternating current induction motor 	1 set
	rated	250kw(AC400V applied)	
	auxiliary 	brush lifting device 	
	startiing type 	resistance starting way 	
(1-6) encloser and auxiliaries   	type 	section snap steel aieload 	1 set 
	gas detector 	contacted firing 	2sets 
	heat detector 	fixed temp spot type 	1 set
(1-7) intake and exhaust  equipment for gas turbine   	intake filter type 	3 step(HEPA) filter 	1 set 
		cut type 	
		steel plate welded type	
	intake silencer 	split type 	1 set 
	exhaust silencer 	combined type 	1 set 
(1-8) ventilation equipment (encloser each room) 	line up machines 		1 set 
	turbine room inlet silencer   	split type 	
	turbine room outlet silencer  	split type 	
	generator room inlet silencer 	split type 	
	generator room outlet silencer 	split type 	
	turbine room ventilation fan  	axial flow(IDF type)	
	generator room ventilation fan 	axial flow(IDF type)	
(1-9)      others 	ventilation duct	steel plate welded type 	1 set 
	expansion factor 	campus type 	
	ladder	steel plate welded type 	
		distance stair 	
, Generatormart item name: 200902241701022018.
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Backup power
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